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China criticizes NATO for its ‘provocations, falsehoods, and slander’ regarding its relationship with Russia | Updates on the Russia-Ukraine conflict

China issued a warning to NATO about avoiding confrontation over its relationship with Russia, following accusations from the Western military alliance that Beijing is assisting Moscow in the war against Ukraine.

During the NATO leaders’ meeting in Washington, DC, it was made clear that China is now a focal point for the alliance, along with promises to strengthen Ukraine and Europe against Russian aggression.

The spokesperson for China’s mission to the European Union called on NATO to refrain from escalating the so-called threat from China and inciting conflicts, urging them to contribute to global peace and stability instead.

Despite deepening ties with Russia, China has chosen to remain neutral in the Ukraine conflict and denies providing lethal aid to either side, unlike Western nations, although it has significantly boosted trade with Russia since the conflict began.

The final communique from the 32 NATO members expressed concerns about China’s growing partnership with Russia, describing China as a crucial supporter of Russia’s military efforts in Ukraine.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg emphasized that China’s assistance enables Russia to develop the weapons used in the conflict with Ukraine, highlighting this consensus among all NATO allies.

However, China’s spokesperson dismissed the allegations, claiming that China is not the cause of the crisis in Ukraine and criticizing NATO’s summit declaration for its bellicose language towards China.

Despite NATO’s concerns about China’s actions in the Euro-Atlantic region, they also emphasized the importance of dialogue and cooperation with Asia-Pacific partners like Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea to address shared security challenges.

The summit concluded with plans to collaborate on projects related to supporting Ukraine, cyber defense, countering disinformation, and advancing artificial intelligence to strengthen security interests among NATO and its Asia-Pacific partners.



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